Lick's Homeburgers has permanently closed its last location in Toronto


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Lick's Homeburgers officially has no locations left in Toronto now that their last remaining location in the city has changed its name.

It's now Andy's Artisan Burgers, but don't worry, the owners claim they haven't changed their products, even though they can't call them home burgers anymore.

The name change honours current co-owner and Lick's employee of 39 years, Andi Drummond. Though her name is spelled with an i, that name couldn't be registered so they went with Andy's.

18 years ago, she was sent to a newly opening Lick's location at 900 Warden Ave. to train the current owner, who asked her to stay on as partner.

Most of the staff has changed over the years, but Drummond has outlasted even the Lick's concept itself in the location, along with one loyal elderly employee.

Drummond tells blogTO one thing that hasn't changed about the staff over the years is that they're "still bright, energetic, outgoing."

"Customers know me by name," Drummond tells blogTO.

About three weeks ago, the Lick's turned into Andy's. Jacob Walter, a marketing representative for Lick's, says the location was forced to change its name by the parent company after what he alleges was a long "feud" with the franchise owners.

Drummond says lots of people have been coming in saying they're so glad the restaurant is still there, and got lots of compliments in particular from one person who knew about the change and came all the way from Brampton to see how it was going.

Though Drummond claims the burgers will be the same, the staff won't be singing to customers, but Drummond says they haven't been doing that at Lick's for about 10 or 15 years now.

They're keeping most of the same menu as before, but are making some fun additions to earn their artisan burger name.

They now have a mac n' cheese burger, a Hawaiian burger with pineapple and peameal, and two varieties of stuffed burgers: one with cheese, mushroom and onion and one with cream cheese and spinach. They'll be adding more burgers in the next couple weeks as well.

If you still absolutely need to call it a homeburger you can head to the last remaining Lick's location in Ontario in Parry Sound.