5 reasons adult content creators should use Tweestar


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With the continuous growth of social media platforms worldwide, content creators are constantly searching for the best platform to not only showcase their skills but earn money while at it.

For many adult performers, the government-imposed lockdown in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise as it became a fantastic avenue to generate more income.  However, aside from the ease of creating videos from the comfort of their homes, gaining access to a platform with a growing audience was a huge advantage.

Even now with restrictions easing, the need to find the right platform as an adult content creator is necessary to ensure you’re able to provide your fans with the right content and earn money in return, without any complications. There are numerous adult social networking sites out there, but only a handful can provide a better offering than Tweestar— a new content sharing platform that is providing adult content creators with a much better experience than other mainstream platforms.

With popular content-sharing platforms like OnlyFans already harbouring plans to remove adult content, Tweestar should be on top of your preference list as an adult content creator. On this fan-model site, you can choose to become either an influencer or a content creator, and also share and sell different types of content at a fixed price.

Tweestar is not only nudity friendly but provides a host of other features that allows you to easily earn money and connect with a legitimate audience. So, if you’re an adult content creator searching for the right platform to share your content, here are some top reasons why you should choose Tweestar.

1. Better audience engagement

Unlike other adult content sharing platforms, Tweestar is built in a way that makes it easy and faster for entertainers to connect and interact with their audience. The platform is essentially an adult social media website where fans can gain access to your custom page and interact with you by following you and liking your content. They’ll also be notified whenever you post any new photos or videos, and this can help increase your content’s reach and build a loyal fanbase.

Additionally, there’s a private messaging feature that allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your fans without them leaving the site. If you offer sexting services, this can be a useful feature to promote your craft.

2. Live cams

Today, many consumers of adult content want more than just pre-recorded scenes and due to this, there’s a growing preference for live-action. Being able to host a private live cam session isn’t something many adult content sharing platforms can boast of and it suffices to say that Tweestar is perfect for this purpose. 

Once the model has been verified, the platform has a live webcam feature that allows creators to deliver exclusive content to their fans through either a public live cam or a private one-on-one session and earn money while doing so. 

3. Different content

The different types of content you can create and share with your fans makes this platform great for performers who want that level of flexibility. There are basically four types of content you can sell to your fans on Tweestar: photos, videos, custom content, and access to galleries.

Once you’re able to promote yourself and attract a sizeable audience, your fans will eventually realize they want more and would pay for your content using the site’s token system. There’s the option of paying for individual content or opting for a subscription model—and fans can even leave you tips.

4. Flexible payment methods

Paying for content on Tweestar is quite easy, unlike other content sharing platforms, due to the availability of multiple payment methods. You can either use PayPal, Paxum, credit cards, bank transfer, Paysafecard, wire transfer, or other similar methods to pay for any model’s content on the platform.

With several payment methods, you’re certain that your fans won’t have a hard time accessing your premium content.

5. Referral program

Every content creator on Tweestar has a unique referral link that can be used to connect a large number of users on the platform to their account once they complete their registration.

For every model who refers a content creator to Tweestar, they will receive a 5 per cent commission for up to one year. This can be an added source of income, particularly for models who have a network of friends in the adult entertainment industry.